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HEALTH. HOPE. DIGNITY. We believe these are basic rights for every woman and every family. They are even more critical for those living in extreme poverty.

In India, more than 450 million people live in poverty, and it will take powerful innovations to make a real difference in their lives. Reach India is an innovative social business that represents a new opportunity for the poor, and for those who serve them.

Reach's trainers equips thousands of local organisations to facilitate education for millions of women and girls in self-help and other community groups. Reach’s interactive training provides vital information on health, livelihoods and family finance to women and adolescent girls as part of their regular group meetings. By supporting self-help groups and the many organisations that serve them, Reach empowers women and girls to make positive changes in their lives, families, and communities.

Join Reach India to improve the lives of millions of very poor women and adolescent girls.

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is an affiliate of Reach Global, which designs life changing education on health, livelihoods and family finance, and replicates its delivery in the world's poorest communities.




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Reach India was granted the 2014 Health Runner-Up  Stars Impact Award.

Reach Annual Report

Access Reach India's Annual Report for 2014 here, 2013 here,2012 here, 2010 here  and 2009 hereDownload Reach India's Audited Statement of Accounts (FCRA) and Consolidated Audited Statement of Accounts for the past 5 years.

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Reach services are developed by a global team of public health, microfinance,
and training experts.


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